Selected Publications

N. Bila, On a new method for finding generalized equivalence transformations for differential equations involving arbitrary functions, Journal of Symbolic Computation, Volume 46, 6(2011), pages 659-671 Examples Gendefget.txt

N. Bila, J. Niesen, A new class of symmetry reductions for parameter identification problems, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, 16, 3 (2009) 355371 (.pdf)

N. Bila, E. L. Mansfield, P. A. Clarkson, Symmetry group analysis of the shallow water and semi-geostrophic equations, The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 59, 1(2006), 95-123 ( .pdf)

N. Bila, Symmetry groups and Lagrangians associated with Tzitzeica surfaces, Balkan Journal of Geometry and its Applications, 10, 1(2005), 73-91 (.pdf )

N. Bila, Application of symmetry analysis to a PDE arising in the car windshield design, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 65, 1(2004), 113-130 ( .pdf)

N. Bila, J. Niesen, On a new procedure for finding nonclassical symmetries, Journal of Symbolic Computation, 38, 6(2004), 1523-1533 ( .pdf ) Example Gendefnc.txt

N. Bila, Symmetry reductions for the Monge-Ampere equations, IMS Report 2001, UKC/IMS/01/36, IMS, University of Kent, (revised version .pdf )

N. Bila, Symmetries of PDE systems in solar physics and contact geometry, IMS Report 2001, UKC/IMS/01/25, IMS, University of Kent  

N. Bila, Symmetry Groups and Conservation Laws of Certain Partial Differential Equations, Balkan Journal of Geometry and its Applications 5, 1(2000), 39-56 ( .ps or .dvi file)

C. Udriste, N. Bila, Symmetry Groups of Tzitzeica Surfaces PDE, Balkan Journal of Geometry and its Applications 4, 2(1999), 123-140 ( .ps or .dvi file)

C. Udriste, N.Bila, Symmetry Lie Group of Monge-Ampere Equation, Balkan Journal of Geometry and its Applications 3, 2(1998), 121-133 (.ps or .dvi)

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