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Quiz on Arguments and Explanations

Sample Exercises and Exercises on Identifying Propositions

Sample Exercises  and Exercises on Arguments

Quiz on Analyzing Arguments

Quiz on Analyzing Complex Arguments

Quiz on Issues and Missing Parts

Quiz on Valid and Sound Arguments

Valid and Sound Arguments II

Practice Quiz on Valid Arguments (Supply the missing premise)

Spotting Invalid Arguments (Provides discussion and examples)

Quiz on Dilemmas and Disjunctive Syllogisms

Quiz on Deductive Patterns (Hypothetical Syllogism, Conditional Syllogism)

Quiz II on Hypothetical Syllogism and Conditional Syllogism

Young's notes on Chapter 4

Test Your Knowledge of Arguments Derived from Conditional Statements (Chapter 4 continued)

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (Discussion and Quiz related to Chapter 4)

Hypothetical Syllogism (Discussion and Examples) (Includes review of Conditional Syllogism)

Some Puzzles

Quiz on Arguments by Analogy

Sample Analyses of Analogical Arguments