Charles W. Chesnutt's Fayetteville:  A (Virtual) Literary Tour

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Charles Chesnutt Library


            Historical Marker in Fayetteville     


Photo of Market House, ca 1890

      Charles at 16 

    The Howard School       

Charles at 24

St. Patrick's Catholic Church as it appeared in Chesnutt's lifetime


  Charles at 63

Former Cumberland County Jail and Jailer's House  (depicted in Chesnutt's story, "The Sheriff's Children")


          Chesnutt and son Edwin


Photos of Chesnutt from Cliff Thompson, Charles Chesnutt:  New York:  Chelsea House, 1992.                                     
Photos of Market House, Saint Patrick's Church, and County Jail Drawing, from Weeks Parker, Fayetteville, North Carolina:  A Pictorial History, Norfolk:  Donning, 1984.

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