North Carolina Community College Students

Curriculum Guides for Students Transferring from a NC Community College to Fayetteville State University

Please note that these curriculum guides are for planning purposes.  Students are encouraged to contact department chair for further information.

University College (General Education) Core Curriculum Course Equivalents

General Guide for students seeking a Degree in Business (Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Business Education, Managerial Economics)

Art, B.A.

Biology, B.S.

Chemistry, B.S.

Computer Science, B.S.

Criminal Justice, B.S

English Language and Literature, B.A.

English Language and Literature, B.S. (Teaching)

History, B.A.

History (Social Science Education-Teaching), B.S.

Mathematics, B.S.

Mathematics, B.S. (Teaching)

Political Science, B.A.

Psychology, B.S.

Sociology, B.A.


Spanish (Teaching), B.S.