College Physics II, Chapter 21

Dr. Jianshi Wu, Ph.D.

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  1. The four fundamental phyical quantities in electromagnetism are:

  2. a) time, length, speed and charge.
    b) time, length, mass and charge.
    c) time, length, acceleration and charge.

  3. The Coulomb constant in the SI unit system is

  4. a) 8.99 • 109 N m2C-2.
    b) 8.99 • 109 N C2m-2.
    c) 8.99 • 10-9 N m2C-2.

  5. When the distance between two charges is doubled, the force between the two charges is

  6. a) also doubled.
    b) reduced to one half as much.
    c) reduced to one fourth as much.

  7. The electric charge carried by an electron is

  8. a) 1.6 • 10-19 C.
    b) -1.6 • 1019 C.
    c) -1.6 • 10-19 C.

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