The linked Lesson Plan is a guide to writing a lesson plan. It is modeled after lesson plans found on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction web site. The following explanations give some guidance on what each point means.

  1. Lesson Title:
  2. Instructor(s):
  3. Course Instructor:
  4. Course:
  5. Term:
  6. Grade Level: At what grade or level of student is the lesson aimed?
  7. Subject Area:
  8. Lesson Date(s):
  9. Materials Needed: What audio-visual aids, handouts, etc., are needed?
  10. Lesson Objectives: What knowledge and competencies should students have after the lesson? If official standards, competencies, and/or goals are relevant (e.g., North Carolina Department of Public Instruction standards), what are they?
  11. Pre-Activities: What should students know and be able to do before the lesson? This could include homework reading assignments, general background knowledge, or specific competencies students should have beforehand to benefit from the lesson.
  12. Activities/Lecture Topics: What will instructors and students do during the lesson? Will the lesson be primarily lecture, and if so, what will be the topics? Will students have tasks to complete, and if so, will they be done individually or in groups?
  13. Evaluation/Assessment: How will you assess whether students have met the lesson objectives? What assessment instruments will you use--homework, tests, other in-class assignments, etc.?