Companies, professions, and most non-profit and government agencies are in the business of selling

their products or services to others. You may find yourself in the position of needing to motivate others

to use your company's services or products. Your goal is to convince your customers that your product

or service meets their needs by creating logical, credible and emotional appeals.




1.  You will prepare and deliver a 5-7 minute presentation that offers a service or product to your

audience. Include a detailed preparation outline for your professor.


2.  You must create persuasive appeals designed for your particular audience.  You will turn in  to your

professor an audience analysis statement with your preparation outline.  Who is in your audience?  How do they feel about your topic?  What choices will you make about content, structure, and delivery of the

presentation in order to motivate your audience to buy or use your product or service?


3.  The presentation must be extemporaneous.  You are not to read from a manuscript but may use brief notes on one side of  3" x 5" note cards.


4.  Credibility must be established.  You must prove to your audience that you know your product or

service well.


5.  A variety of supporting materials should be used to prove that your product or service meets the needs

and concerns of the audience.


6.  You are required to create visual aids that demonstrate the product or service in a unique way, improve

information retention, and simplify complicated information.