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Persuasive Speech Instructions

For your persuasive speech, you need to complete two assignments: (1) a typed outline of your

persuasive speech and (2) a 5 minute oral presentation.

Outline Instructions: Your outline should use the same format as your informational speech

outline. Your outline has four parts: 

(1) Heading-composed of your name, title of your speech, specific purpose statements and 

central idea statement.

(2) Introduction composed of four parts: (a) attention getter (b) relevance statement (c) speaker

credibility statement (d) preview statement.

(3) Body of the speech. The Body of the speech should be organized around 3-5 major points

or themes. You should adapt one of the organizing structures described in class (and in your

text such as problem solution, Monroe's Motivated Sequence, comparative advantages, NAR, 

the Balance structure, etc.

(4) Conclusion and bibliography-Your conclusion should have two parts: (a) a summary sentence 

and (b) a closing statement in which you say something memorable. Your bibliography should

include no less than 4 references, 2 of which must be texts or periodicals. 

Oral Presentation Instructions: You should plan on speaking for 5 minutes. Your task will be to

persuade the audience about some matter of importance to you on a question of fact, value,

or policy. Chapters 15 and 16 in the textbook are specifically on persuasive speaking.

Visual aids are required for your presentation.




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