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Getting organized: For your group to function more effectively, you need to ask people to 

serve the group in certain functions. You need to elect a leader (and co-leader, if desired), a

secretary, an audiovisual person, and a writer. Each of these group roles has responsibilities

and each is important. The leader organizes meetings, plans the agenda for meetings, and

moderates at the meetings. The leader (or co-leader) liasons with me on email to keep me

posted on the group's progress and to inform me should problems arise. The secretary takes

notes at every meeting. These notes should be turned in to me along with the group write-up

at the end of the semester. The audiovisual person designs and constructs the audiovisual

aids the group will be using for their presentation. The writer is responsible for the write-up,

a brief (2-3 page) summary of your presentation. The write-up includes a title page in which

every member's name is listed along with the title of the presentation, a summary page, in

which the different parts of your presentation are described, and a page in which you describe

the part played by different members of the group in designing, researching, and putting 

together your presentation.

Group Presentation; You should plan on presenting from 15-30 minutes depending on the

number of group members and the type of presentation. All presentations will be scheduled

in the last two weeks of class. Presentation formats can vary from a panel, symposium,

panel, talk show, debate and skit.



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