Lab Assignment

Computer Lab Assignments

The files below have information about the assignments, as well as information about SPSS.  See the course schedule for due dates.

For your computer lab assignment you will be running the same statistical tests you have learned in class using the computer.  We will be using the program SPSS.  You can access the program using the Citrix –FSU Virtual Office at . You can also access Citrix from the main FSU home page using the quick-links near the bottom of the page.  Once you are on the Citrix page, log onto the system with your normal ID and password. 

Once you have logged into the system you will see different icons for several programs.  If you are working from a computer that is not on the FSU campus you will need to load a piece of software on your computer before you can access the program.  Look to the right side of the main page for Citrix for the Message Center.  You must click on the underlined link for the “MetaFrame Presentation Server Client for 32-bit Windows”.  You will need to install the software on your computer.  Save the file to your computer once you click on the link, and then run the new program from your machine to install it. 

Once you have installed the MetaFrame Client program, or if you are using an FSU computer, just click on the icon for the SPSS program to start.

If you have technical problems please contact me and I will try to assist.  You can also contact the technical help desk for ITTS at . 


Use the links below to complete the assignments

SPSS Users Guide

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4