Lab Assignment

Lab Assignment 4

 A sports psychologist believes that amount of practice is related to performance.  She measures the hours of basketball free-throw practice time of several players, and then free-throw performance in a game.  The data are as follows:

                                     Practice Time                          # of shots made

                                    1                                                          0

                                    2                                                          1

                                    1                                                          1

                                    3                                                          2

                                    3                                                          2

                                    4                                                          3

                                    4                                                          2


Use SPSS to compute the regression equation for the above data.  Include your output file, as well as your answers to the questions below.  After you input the data choose Regression from the menu, and then Linear.  Remember that the independent variable is the predictor variable (practice), and the dependent variable is the criterion variable (shots made).  

When using SPSS this time you will enter the data in separate columns.  Put the X-variable in the VAR1 column and put the Y-variable in the VAR2 column.  We do it this way because we have an X and Y value for each participant in our data. 

Write the equation for the line below that predicts number of shots made from amount of practice time.  (Look at the unstandardized Beta weights for the slope and y-intercept (constant).  You can verify you have the correct values by computing the problem by hand.