Lab Assignment

Lab Assignment 2

 Sixteen people were asked to listen to one of four tapes.  Group 1 listened to Frank Sinatra, group 2 listened to elevator music, group 3 listened to the symphony, and group 4 listened to whale songs.  After listening to the tapes, The participants were asked to rate their anxiety level on a 1 to 10 scale, with higher numbers representing greater anxiety. 

 Sinatra                      Elevator                Symphony                           Whales

4                                  9                                  6                                   3

2                                  8                                  5                                   1

8                                  3                                  2                                   6

7                                  6                                  3                                  1         




STEP 1: State the Null and Alternative Hypotheses.  Set          



STEP 2: Find the critical value for the test.                                                                                


STEP 3: Complete the ANOVA summary Table.         


Source                 SS                   df                     MS                  F      




 Total                ______                                                           



STEP 4: Evaluate H0  (reject or fail to reject)     .                                                          



3A. Given your answer in Step 4, would it be appropriate to conduct a Tukey post-hoc test?

                                                Yes                              No




Use SPSS to conduct an ANOVA test for the above problem.  Use the data editor to input the data, and then select ‘analyze’ from the menu at the top.  Select ‘compare means’ and then look for independent single factor ANOVA.  You might choose ‘options’ and check the box to show the descriptive statistics.  The means might help you understand the output a little better.  Use the arrows to select your factor or independent variable and your dependent variable.  Click the ‘okay’ button.’

 An output file should be generated when you run the test.  Use the output file to help you answer the questions above.  You can double check that you did it right by computing the t-test by hand

 Save this file with your answers and the output file.  Send it to me by the assigned due dates.

 Note that when you input your data this time you will still put all the above data in a single column (VAR1).  You will use the second column  (VAR2) to specify which group the data point in the firs column came from.  So, you will have only 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s in the second column


Good Luck!



Note on Saving Files: