Lab Assignment

Lab Assignment 1

A researcher is interested in whether a certain hour-long film that portrays the insidious effects of racial prejudice will affect attitudes toward a minority group.  One group of participants (n = 10) watched the movie, and a control group (n= 10) spent the hour playing cards.  Both groups were then given a racial attitude test, wherein higher scores represented a higher level of prejudice.  Data were as follows: 

                        Movie Group                          Control Group

8                                                                                                      9

9                                                                                                   10

7                                                                                                   12

8                                                                                                    15

9                                        13

9                                                                                                   12

10                                                                                               13

11                                                                                               14           

11                                      12

10                                                                                              10

Use SPSS to conduct an independent samples t-test for the above problem.  Use the data editor to input the data, and then select ‘analyze’ from the menu at the top.  Select ‘compare means’ and then look for independent samples t-test.  Use the arrows to select your grouping or independent variable and your test or dependent variable.  You must then define your groups by clicking on the ‘define groups’ button.  Use any numbers to label your groups, and then hit ‘ok.’

An output file should be generated when you run the test.  You can double check that you did it right by computing the t-test by hand.  Note that you must compute the mean and standard deviation for yourself to do so (most of the problems in the homework packet have this already computed for you).

Print the output file, and bring it to class by the assigned due dates.

Good Luck!



Note on Saving Files: If you are using the computers in the library you shouldn't have trouble printing the file.  However, if you are off campus the program might not recognize your printer.  The easiest thing to do is to highlight the information in your output file and 'copy' it so that you can then 'paste' into a MS Word file for printing.