Daniel Montoya

Department of Psychology

Fayetteville State University


I’m an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology and current Director of the Biopsychology Laboratory. Here you will find relevant information about my classes, publications and present research projects.

I’m responsible for teaching undergraduate courses in the Biopsychology Concentration and Graduate courses in the Master of Arts in Psychology, Experimental Track.

My background includes electrophysiology and behavioral studies in small animals and monkeys plus some neural networks. My main focus is on the physiological bases of learning and memory but recently I have drifted toward Cognitive Neuroscience as an all encompassing heuristic framework.  Under that framework, my current research focuses on human-robotic interaction and the interface between brain and cognition.

About Me


Welcome to my site

Associate Professor

Director Biopsychology Laboratory

NERC Building - Room 208

Office Phone: 910-670 -1560

E-mail: dmontoya@uncfsu.edu